Verbenone SPLAT Verb Paste

SPLAT Verb, Verbenone Tubes, Pouches and Paste, Pheromone repellent for Mountain Pine, Southern Pine and Western Pine Beetles

SPLAT Verb is an environmentally friendly repellent that provides sustained and controlled release of the verbenone anti-aggregation pheromone. Verbenone is naturally produced by MPB and by several other species of bark beetle towards the end of a mass attack. The presence of verbenone signals new MPB approaching the infested tree that it is already too overcrowded to serve as a suitable host. By applying SPLAT Verb to a healthy and uninfested tree, host-seeking MPB will identify a tree as an undesirable host and leave it unharmed. Field studies have shown SPLAT Verb to be highly repellent of MPB on both single-tree and small stand levels. SPLAT Verb is an outstanding alternative to standard MPB treatments, due to its high-level of control, long field life, and simple application methods.

Timing and Monitoring

SPLAT Verb should be applied prior to bark beetle flight/emergence, which usually occurs in late spring – early summer (May through June). SPLAT Verb is formulated to release biologically active quantities of verbenone over a period of 8 - 24 weeks. In most cases, this is enough to provide protection for an entire MPB flight period. Monitoring MPB population with traps before applying SPLAT Verb is highly recommended. Consult a qualified pest control advisor or ISCA Technologies to obtain correct timing for application. If MPB population densities are above threshold levels in your area, supplementary control measures may be necessary.

Storage and Preparation

SPLAT Verb is a ready-to-use, thick liquid formulation. However, it may harden if stored in a refrigerated area. It is recommended to allow at least 48 hours at room temperature for the SPLAT formulation to return to a workable consistency. Regardless of storage conditions, it is recommended to check the product 24 hours before application. Always mix product thoroughly before use. Application methods SPLAT Verb can be applied manually through small caulking guns or foil pouches, mechanically using pressurized backpack sprayers, or similar systems loaded onto tractors, all-terrain vehicles, or trucks. When using mechanical application equipment, calibrate the system to deliver the intended amount of material per acre as determined in the application rate box. Always consult a qualified pest control advisor or ISCA Technologies to ensure optimum application of product is achieved.

Application Rate

SPLAT Verb must be applied directly to the tree at a height of 2 meters from the ground, in four evenly-sized dollops spaced around the circumference of the trunk. Product will be applied to 10-20 trees per acre depending on the size of the dollop. SPLAT Verb is applied at a rate of 75-115 g of undiluted product per tree. This is equivalent to 7.5 – 11.5 grams of pheromone AI per tree. Do not exceed more than 150 grams of AI (1.5 kg of SPLAT Verb) per acre per year. Consult a qualified pest control advisor or ISCA Technologies for the recommended rate of application. After usage, clean equipment with water and citrus or limonene detergents.

SPLAT shelf life: 2 years (or more) if refrigerated. For short term storage of less than 2 months, store in cool indoor area (or air-conditioned area if available). For long term storage of more than 2 months, store in refrigerator (do not store in freezer).

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