ISCA Technologies

ISCA's development of environmentally friendly, natural and pheromone based tools and solutions for agricultural and urban applications provide a complete solution to these traditional insecticide related problems.

ISCA Technologies, Inc. (Riverside, CA) is a successful corporation whose mission is toprotect the world from damaging insects and disease causing pathogens, by developing tools and solutions that are economical, effective and ecologically friendly.   Its product range comprises more than 300 species specific insect lures (made with nature identical semiochemicals such as pheromones and natural attractants), more than 20 different types of insect traps, proprietary semiochemical controlled release technologies such as SPLATTM (Specialized Pheromone & Lure Application Technology), and a range of novel pest management tools (such as bio-functionalized nanosensors for the detection of plant pathogens). 

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